Previous performances

Friday April 24,
Newmarket Veterans Association
(Burrows and Company Full Band)
7- 11 pm. Free admission Cash Bar
406 Millard Avenue, Newmarket, ON

Sat May 23.
Col. Mustard's Newmarket ON

Thursday Dec 4
from 7 to 10 PM (Burrows Duo)
Marwan’s Global Bistro
187 Queen St, Port Perry,

Saturday Dec 6 ...
Harwood Blues, Ajax (Burrows Duo)
Simcoe St. North

Thursday Dec 11 ... (Burrows Duo)
Prince Albert Pub, Mt. Albert

Wednesday Jan 3, 2015
Col. Mustard's Bar And Grill Newmarket ...starts at 9 PM.
(Burrows and Company band)

Thursday Oct 16 - (Burrows Duo)
Prince Albert Pub Mt. Albert

Thursday September 4
Prince Albert Pub (Burrows Duo)
Mount Albert 7pm - 10 pm

Thursday July 10
Prince Albert Pub (Burrows Duo)
Mount Albert 7pm - 10 pm

Thursday July 31
Prince Albert Pub (Burrows Duo)
Mount Albert 7pm - 10 pm

Saturday August 16
Black Birch Restaurant (Burrows Duo)
Hockley Road, behind Hockley Resort

August 17
Club Seven44 ... formerly The Chick'n Deli
@ 744 Mt. Pleasant Rd. Toronto from 5 PM to 9:30 PM
Bob will be sitting in as a guest vocalist with ...
Robbie Lane And The Disciples

What's In A Name

A local resident of the township for 40 years, Bob Burrows assumed the stage name Bobby Kris.
In order to obscure from his parents that he was singing in another rock band.
They had threatened to throw him out of the house if he kept on singing that evil rock ‘n roll.
After all it was apparently ruining his school career … and his voice.
Unfortunately they caught him on his first gig … and threw him out of the house.
So he quit school to go and sing rock ‘n roll and r ‘n b on Yonge St. and in Yorkville.
Later he became a public school teacher for 30 years.
Thereafter he operated a local organic and natural food service, including a store in Uxbridge.
Today Bob sings with Burrows And Company … and as Bobby Kris when called upon to do so.

Bobby Kris and The Imperials

Bobby Kris and the Imperials were a prominent Toronto band in the 1960’s.
Their cover of Dionne Warwick’s Walk On By on Columbia was a hit all across Canada in 1965.
And one of the first Canadian recordings to crack into the CHUM Chart.
And to get play in Toronto and all across the country before Canadian content regulations on air.
In the original format they were a classic r ‘n b band with two saxes.
Later they dropped the horns and became more of a blues and rock band.
At various times the band opened for … The Beach Boys, The Lovin’ Spoonful and Gary Lewis.
And played teen clubs, coffee houses and later bars all over southern Ontario.
Alongside other well known Toronto bands of the time … The Mandela, Jon and Lee and the Checkmates, Luke and the Apostles, J. Smith and the Majestics, Robbie Lane and the Disciples.
Bobby Kris won the RPM Award for Most Promising Male Vocalist in 1965.
Soon thereafter the RPM Awards evolved into The Junos.



Burrows And Company
"The Full Band"

Al Cross … drums
Dennis Pendrith … bass
David Chester …keyboards
Graham Young … guitar
Bob Burrows … vocals and background piano

Al and Dennis are the finest of rhythm sections.No one plays drums any better than Al Cross. And Dennis is like the Rock Of Gibraltar back there and always has been. We played together as kids … he has played with Bruce Cockburn, Murray McLauchlin etc. Dave and I have been performing as a duo for a while.
In fact this gig started as a duo … but then I started to get some ideas! And before you knew it we had this band together. Wonderful opportunity for him to lay back and just play with guys this good. Notice the big smile on his face all the time … he had a great night on keyboards. And we welcome our newest associate on guitar 18 year old Graham Young. You simply have to listen to and watch Graham play … he is a very gifted musician.A very sweet and humble young man to work with … it has been a joy making music with him. His playing is featured on almost every tune … really worth watching. I could go on and on but I won’t … Graham’s playing speaks for itself! I take my hat off … quite literally … to all the musicians. Thank you for putting so much heart and soul into what you played … that’s what it’s all about! Be sure to watch The Invisible Singer … great playing all round and not a singer in sight! Hope you have fun watching these videos … we had fun making them.
And thanks to associate Stuart Blower ( for putting this page together. And to Stuart and Dave Chester ( for making the video recordings and editing them.

The Duo

Bob Burrows & Dave Chester

As a duo Burrows And Company features the wonderful keyboard stylings of David Chester. David has performed with a great many fine acts over the years. He currently operates a recording studio just outside Claremont … Chalet Studio. Where the likes of Rush, The Barenaked Ladies and Leona Boyd have recorded over the years.
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Listen to more of Burrows and Company on the Music Page

Hard rain Burrows and Company

As a comment on the inauguration of Donald Trump, we have recorded this early Dylan classic ... A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall ... originally from Freewheelin' Bob Dylan.

It is uncanny how appropriate this masterpiece from the 60's seems today.
As usual we have developed our own approach to this cover song.
Our version features wonderful passages of accordion and slide guitar. 
Once again I have been blessed to engage the talents of world class 
musicians ... some of the finest in the country ... to create this music ...

Burrows And Company
Al Cross ... drums
Dennis Pendrith ... bass
Denis Keldie ... accordion
Graham Young ... guitar
Bob Burrows ... vocals, piano

The recording session was held on December 4, 2016.
Graciously hosted by Dave Chester at Chalet Studios near Claremont
Recording and mixing engineer ... Justin Meli / David Chester
Mastering and EQ engineer ... Scott Campbell 
Album cover artist ... Mike Raines

Burrows and Company

Newmarket Music Festival
on Saturday August 26 at 3 PM
Burrows and company

Dear Friends,
Burrows And Company has been invited to perform at the Newmarket Music Festival on Saturday August 26 at 3 PM and we can't wait for that!
This is the first time our band has played in public for over two years ... we have been spending our time making music in the recording studio ever since ... so we are all excited about this rare opportunity for us ... it will be an adventure for sure! 
On this occasion we will be featuring the stunning talent of our guitarist Graham Young in front of his home town ... should be quite the afternoon!

We will also have our full line up of world class players on hand for this gig:
Al Cross ... drums, Dennis Pendrith ... bass, David Chester ... keyboards and Denis Keldie ... keyboards. Please come by and join in the fun. 
Your support and comments on the festival web site about our band and our music would be greatly appreciated.

For more info on our upcoming performance at the Newmarket Music Festival and a song we recently recorded for fun see ...

Newmarket Music Festival




Burrows And Company features the vocals of Bob Burrows (aka Bobby Kris).... along with the contributions of his musical associates.
Sam Reid
Dennis Pendrith

Theo Posthumus

Larry Leishman
Al Cross
Graham Young
Steve Kennedy
dennis keldie