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People often ask if the government receives their property if they die without a Will.

Administering an estate is much simpler if a Will is in place. If you die without a Will the Succession Law Reform Act determines how your assets will be disposed of. The mandatory disposition is a follows:

1 Spouse receives first $200,000.00
2 If there is one child, the balance is split 50/50 to child and spouse
3 If there is more than one child, 1/3 to spouse 2/3 to children
4 If there is no spouse, all to children equally
5 If there is no children, then all to grandchildren, and if no grandchildren, then all to the great grandchildren
6 If none of the above, all to parents
7 Then to brothers and sisters
8 Then to nieces and nephews
9 Then to next of kin in equal degree of consanguinity to deceased
10 If none of the above, then to the Crown