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1. What can I do to prepare for our first meeting?

Prepare a written list of the work that you’d like to discuss before we meet.

2. Are you a working contractor who will be on-site every day?

We see ourselves as the ultimate General Contractor in that we are on site for the majority of time during a project. By actually working the job one gets to know the building inside and out, which is very important during these cost effective times.

3. Are you a member of Renomark and a Tarion Licensed Builder?

We have these two marks of certification which ensure you’re working with a builder who guarantees both his renovation and new construction work.

4. Do you and your sub-contractors carry full insurance?

Everyone working for Four Square Constuction on your project is fully covered under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario. We also have public liability and property damage liability policies. This combined coverage protects you in the event of an accident on your project.

5. Will you provide me with everything in writing?

Details in our contract include:

a description of the project and materials to be used;
a list of subcontracted work;
a list of building permits;
site clean-up details;
warranties; insurance coverage;
start and completion dates;
cost and terms of payment.

6. How will we communicate throughout the project?

Feedback, changes, upgrades and progress inspections are extremely important to the success of any project. Your contractor must be open to regular communication and should insist on frequent feedback on his progress.

7. Can you provide me with references?

We are very eager to provide you with the names and contact information of our prior customers. We are proud to share their comments on our speed, quality and pricing with you.

8. Realistically, what kind of schedule can I expect.

We will provide you with a computer print out of all scheduled activities. As experienced builders we are aware that things happen and can change on site and our schedule takes these minor day to day events into account. Also be prepared for the possibility that unexpected weather and site conditions, and unforeseen construction issues can affect a schedule.

9. What are the terms of payment?

A 10 to 20% downpayment is customary, especially if materials must be ordered up front. Interim payments for work completed are usually made throughout a project on a progress basis. The contract will also contain the 10% lien holdback, whereas upon substantial completion, a 45 day clearance period is set out to ensure all subcontractors and suppliers are paid, thus protecting you against liens on your property.

10. Do I need a contingency fund for changes and unexpected expenses?

It is a distinct possibility that your ideas about the project and selected materials may change, once you see the actual construction. It is always a good idea to allow an additional 10 – 20% contingency so that you’re not caught short on payment or have to delay the completion of your project.